Enterprise Integration

Enterprise integration is at the heart of enterprise software design. Several architecture diagrams display the EQMS relative to other enterprise software solutions. From the start, SOLABS QM has been developed and designed with integration and interoperability with other enterprise software in mind.

SOLABS looks at enterprise integration from the following perspectives:

SOLABS Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) Architecture. Quality Processes. Extended score for validation and compliance of electronic systems. ECM links to Controlled Documents. LMS links to Employee Training. Targeted scope for validation and compliance of electronic systems. ERP. CRM.
    • Functional integration of SOLABS QM capabilities
    • Easy integration of our technology within our customer’s environment
    • Tight integration with selected strategic partners
    • Integration capabilities with widely accepted enterprise systems such as SAP, MS SharePoint and Salesforce.com, as well as with home-grown solutions or other vendors’ enterprise software

Functional Integration of SOLABS QM

With SOLABS QM, enterprise integration begins at the functional level, where we provide a pleasant user experience.

Examples of integration within SOLABS QM:

    • Tight interaction between different processes (for instance, you can initiate a CAPA easily after conclusion of an investigation within an OOS or Complaints process)
    • Easily link a specific version of an SOP to one or several training activities
    • Automatically link corrective actions agreed to as part of a CAPA process to another CAPA process.
    • Link an approved letter to an audit process, which would then be sent to your client as a follow-up item.

Easy Integration in your Environment

We have made an effort to select components that are standard and leave a small footprint within your IT environment.

Tight Integration with Selected Strategic Partners

Lorenz DocuBridge eSubmission software

Documents are controlled and managed in SOLABS QM from creation to final approval. They are then published toDocuBridge in a format that is ready to use for submission purposes.

SOLABS QM Integration with DocuBridge

SOLABS EQMS Integration with DocuBridge: SOLABS QM Controlled Document- 1. Create a document using Word templates. 2. Review document. 3. Approve document (e-signature: 21 CFP part 11 compliance). 4. Automatically publish document to preferred location or system (Office or PDF format). Lorenz Docubridge. 5 Create submission file with minimal reformatting and editing requirements. 6. Submit.

Skillpad Training Modules

Skillpad e-courses can be integrated within the training section of SOLABS QM. These courses are accessed through the SOLABS QM user interface and when an assessment is required, the grade achieved by the end user can be transferred back to SOLABS QM. SOLABS QM then determines whether or not the user has successfully completed their training on this activity.

SOLABS QM Integration with Skillpad

EQMS Enterprise Integration with SkillPad

Integration capabilities with widely accepted enterprise systems, home-grown solutions or other enterprise software.

Because we’re aware of how crucial it is that SOLABS QM fits well in your company’s IT systems roadmap we’ve made a strong commitment to provide the flexibility to integrate our product with enterprise software such as SAP, MS SharePoint, Trackwise, Labware, etc.

Software systems SOLABS QM integrates with:

Type of system:

    • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
    • CRM: Customer Relationship Management
    • LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System
    • EDC/CTMS: Clinical Trials Management System
    • EDMS: Electronic Document Management System
    • LMS/HRIS: Human Resource Information Systems
    • Safety Databases


Common Interfaces

Common Incoming Data Source: SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics & Other Enterprise Software. Common Interfaces: Web services, Periodic Exports in CSV files Excel Periodic Import in Database Tables. Solabs QM EQMS: SOLABS QM Server, Microsoft SQL Server.