Technology Overview

SOLABS prides itself on being the EQMS vendor with a proven ability to bridge the gap between IT and Quality.

SOLABS QM is a stand-alone, integrated and independent EQMS with proven low total cost of ownership.

1. Technology Overview

SOLABS QM uses Oracle and Red Hat technologies (Java/JBoss) to provide the transaction and business process engines. SOLABS QM runs within a Microsoft environment as far as the database and OS are concerned. These are hosted in a series of virtual servers (VM Ware).

SOLABS QM can interface with other systems using Web Services, APIs or direct relational database I/Os.

The solution has been built with scalability and performance in mind. It can grow with your company and accommodate the needs of 15 to 5,000 active users.

SOLABS QM can authenticate users directly on your MS Active Directory, making it easier to comply with 21 CFR Part 11, as the application does not manage passwords itself but relies on your existing IT policies for password management. Users can also be authenticated using SOLABS QM’s own authentication mechanisms (i.e. password management within SOLABS QM).

2. Hardware and Software Requirements for On-Premise Installation

SOLABS QM is generally installed in a series of virtual environments. Virtualization allows for better segregation of SOLABS QM components.

Three SOLABS QM servers are installed: Production, Validation and Test.These environments are all connected to a single installation of Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server and Adlib components. The test and validation environments allow testing and official approval of changes prior to being deployed in the live production environment.

3. Product Roadmap

We continuously invest in R&D, and without providing any of our internal secrets, here are a few hints as to where we are headed: