SOLABS QM Packages

SOLABS is dedicated to automating quality operations in the Life Sciences Industry. We understand the specific challenges faced by each sector of this industry, including Medical Device, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Biotech , Clinical Trials, and Research & Development.

SOLABS QM holds the flexibility to adapt to each client by addressing their specific needs.

Additionally, SOLABS QM can easily and productively grow with your company, as it is always possible to add new functionalities, or to upgrade existing ones.

To help our clients best determine their needs prior to initial EQMS implementation, we have developed a series of SOLABS QM start-up packages. These packages have been created based on a proven track record for successful client site integration, and are proven to generate a low cost to high benefit ratio in Phase One of implementation.

Currently, only about 30% of organizations that would directly benefit from automating their quality operations have done so.

This transition from a manually-maintained paper-based environment to an EQMS is no small endeavor. This is one of the reasons why it’s crucial to entrust this responsibility to a company that specializes in doing exactly so.

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Typical SOLABS QM Packages

Generally Most Applicable for…
SOLABS QM Packages
GMP Manufacturing
Medical Devices
Pharma/ Biotech/ R&D
Virtual Specialty Pharma/ Biotech

Non-Conformances, CAPA, Document Control and Training Management.

Complaints and Training Management

Document Control and Training Management

Change Control and Training Management

Complaints, Deviations, Non-Conformances and CAPA Management

Audits, CAPA and Document Control Management