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IT Practices: Review of Customer Support

Information Technology (IT) - 31 July 2013

That’s it, IT is everywhere.

Even considering my immense passion for software, I do appreciate a little time off from technology. My late father, who was a lawyer and clearly a great protector of an individual’s right to privacy told me about 20 years ago: “You know son with all these emerging technologies, privacy for individuals is over, forget all about it.” This was certainly a surprising statement coming from him. “I can’t believe I am hearing this from you”, I quickly responded. I have no recollection of what he had said before that or afterwards, but I do remember feeling like my father was warning me and that I would be better off living a clean life.

Now, I will go home tonight and will have to tell my wife who lives a life a lot further from technology than I do: “Embrace it…, IT is everywhere now!”

This doesn’t mean we have to put up with all IT practices. And I can only hope that as a client you will always feel comfortable saying: “This doesn’t make sense to me.”

An example of this would be the absolute need to close all cases at all costs! What is the thinking behind this practice? Not too long ago, a support tech called me 10 times to close my case, despite the fact that the issue remained unfixed. More recently, someone at a very large SAAS provider politely asked: “Mr. Gaudreau is it OK if we close this case and you can go ahead and re-open in 3 weeks when your tests are done…?” “What?” I questioned. “This issue is not fixed!”

For all support issues, I believe you should expect a response somewhat like:

  • “This will not be fixed and there is no work-around.”
  • “This will not be fixed but here is a work-around.”
  • “This is fixed and here is how you can access the fix.”
  • “This will be fixed in about ‘X’ time, and there is no work-around in the meantime. Would you like to be notified when a resolution is available?”
  • “This will be fixed in about ‘X’ time, and here is a work-around in the meantime. Would you like to be notified when a resolution is available?”

So feel free to embrace IT for all the benefits it provides but never stop questioning what you think are bad IT practices…

Philippe Gaudreau and the SOLABS Support Team