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A High Level Overview of Solabs QM 10 Reports Offering with Kevin Langlois

- 10 September 2018

Today’s show is focused on a high level overview of the Solabs QM 10 reports offering. Your host is Ericka Moore, Head of Client Success at Solabs, joined by co-host Philippe Gaudreau, founder and CEO of Solabs.


This week, Kevin Langlois, Head of the Engineering Group at Solabs, takes time out of his busy to schedule to join the Solabs QM Insights podcast and explain more about what reporting means with Solabs QM 10. Kevin has been with the company for the last seven years, and his main responsibilities include: the management of all technical resources (which include software developers and the IT group), the management of Solabs releases and work products, as well as ensuring Solab’s technology and hosting center and offering are best in class.


This episode, Ericka and Kevin talk about the options, the flexibility, and all of the features that are offered with the reporting offering. Kevin answers questions regarding the technical choices that were made with the reporting offering, what end users have access to, whether or not there are client-specific reports or if all users can edit reports, if there are any restrictions that come with the reporting, and more.


Key Takeaways:

[:24] About today’s episode with Kevin Langlois.

[1:46] Kevin explains what business intelligence (BI) is and some of its key terms.

[3:12] The technical choices that were made, pertaining to Solab’s reporting offering.

[5:19] What do end users have access to (in terms of Solab’s reporting)?

[6:06] In terms of reports, are there client-specific reports? Can all users edit reports?

[10:17] Can reports be distributed automatically on a periodic basis?

[11:37] Are there any restrictions that come with the reporting on Solabs QM 10?

[13:16] Is there a difference between a client that has it hosted or behind their firewall (in terms of reports)?

[14:39] Ericka speaks about accessing reports for new and current users.

[16:22] Ericka reiterates key points from the podcast.

[16:57] Philippe shares what’s to come in regards to reporting in Solabs QM 10.

[19:45]  If you would like to learn more, visit: docs.solabs.com for guides that cover various training section topics. To get in touch with Ericka, email her at: Ericka.Podcast@Solabs.com.

[20:14] About next week’s episode.


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