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Gretchen Dixson on SOLABS QM Configurations and Best Practices

- 19 February 2019

In today’s show, your host, Ericka Moore, and her return guest, Gretchen Dixson, will be discussing the Solabs QM configuration, best practices, and how the Solabs team supports configuration activities with clients.


Gretchen is a Senior Product Specialist at Solabs and a part of Ericka’s group, the Client Success Group. She has been with the company for a little over 2 years now and serves as Head Trainer. She’s also actively involved in the sales and marketing team and has built the user guide for the Questionmark interface! Prior to joining Solabs, Gretchen spent over 35 years in the QA Life Sciences industry.


Tune in to hear all about how configuration is supported and handled at Solabs!


Key Takeaways:

[:34] About today’s episode!

[1:03] Ericka welcomes Gretchen to the podcast.

[2:40] Gretchen gives an overview of the main activities and deliverables that can support the configurations of Solabs QM for clients.

[4:02] Does Gretchen feel that configuration is one of those activities that is a one-shoe-fits-all type or is it more of a personalized and tailored approach for each client?

[5:39] Does Gretchen feel it is a good approach for clients to mix automated and manual tools?

[7:35] Gretchen describes the Solabs document, __________, for environment configuration.

[10:12] For a new client starting out with Solabs, how can Solabs assist them in helping them review configurations?

[12:26] Does Solabs work with clients to help them with the sandbox?

[13:53] Gretchen’s best practices for configuration in Solabs QM.

[17:25] Is it possible to for long-time clients to reconfigure their system in times of growth? And if so, would they need assistance?

[18:45] Gretchen’s opinion on the importance of configuration in terms of having a successful implementation.

[21:06] Ericka wraps up this week’s episode.

[22:22] If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can get in touch with Ericka at Ericka.Podcast@solabs.com.