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How to Build an Effective Training Assessment Program with Brian McNamara

- 13 November 2018

Welcome to the eleventh episode of Automating Quality. Mandy Gervasio is your host, and she’s on a mission to bring you hot industry topics with her fellow life sciences partners and friends! Mandy is joined by her co-host, Philippe Gaudreau, and very special guest: Brian McNamara, the Marketing Director for Questionmark.


Today’s topic of discussion is building an effective training assessment program. Brian has a ton of experience in this niche and has some very good expert feedback on the topic. He really knows his stuff when it comes to electronic assessment and certifications!


Brian has been with Questionmark since 2004 and has an overall 20 years experience working with organization’s assessment technology providers. And Questionmark itself has been partnering with Solabs for over 10 years and have recently formalized their partnership even more through the QM 10 release. Their specialty is to provide assessment solutions that help organizations measure knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes — done in the areas of certification, as part of training, and regulatory compliance.

There are a ton of key takeaways this episode about assessing training and ensuring that your employees have the right information they need to perform their job, that’s documented in a clear and effective way through formal assessment. Join Mandy and Brian to take a deep dive into building assessment programs!


Key Takeaways:

[:30] About today’s topic and guest.

[2:29] Mandy welcomes Brian to the podcast.

[2:52] Brian introduces himself and gives a quick background on Questionmark.

[6:46] How are regulated life sciences clients currently using assessments?

[11:55] Brian outlines key elements that companies should consider when designing an assessment program.

[22:35] What Brian loves about operational assessment.

[23:45] Mandy reflects on the last few years and the new-found emphasis on training, as well as some of the key takeaways of this week’s episode.

[27:33] Brian’s thoughts on how far assessments have come and their goals at Questionmark.

[28:31] What to look forward to in a future episode!

[28:58] A thank you to listeners and a summarization of this week’s episode.

[29:21] If you have any questions or requests, contact Mandy at Mandy.Podcast@Solabs.com . If you have any questions for Brian McNamara, you can reach him on his LinkedIn.


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