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Innovation to Retrovation: Maintaining GTP in a GxP World, with Jay Turner

- 25 June 2019

Welcome to the 23rd episode of Automating Quality. Mandy Gervasio is your host, and she’s on a mission to bring you hot industry topics with her fellow life sciences partners and friends!


Today, Mandy is joined by her co-host, Philippe Gaudreau, and return guest from episodes two and ten, Jay Turner! Jay is the CEO and founder of EduJay LLC., and he is a self-proclaimed learning and development ninja! He has devoted his career to improving people, processes, and programs to produce business results. This includes everything from implementing learning management systems, to designing staff development and leadership development programs, to providing executive coaching.


In this episode, Mandy and Jay are discussing innovation to retrovation — an interesting concept about maintaining GTP (AKA Good Training Practices) in a GxP world. Jay gives his expert feedback on the concepts of GTP, explains what he means by “retrovate” and how it applies to training, gives his top three favorite GTPs and how they can be leveraged in the quality space, and also explains how we can effectively innovate in training when we know it’s needed. The feedback that Jay provides in this episode will be incredibly beneficial for listeners who are considering enhancements to their current training and professional development programs. So tune in to get all of his valuable insight on today’s topic!


Key Takeaways:

[:32] About today’s episode with return guest, Jay Turner!

[2:37] Mandy welcomes Jay back to the show!

[2:49] What does Jay mean by “retrovate” and how does it apply to training?

[7:12] Jay lists his top two out of three GTPs and how they can be leveraged in the quality space.

[14:20] Jay speaks about moving beyond required training and empowering staff members to become a part of the learning function in the organization.

[17:50] Jay explains his third favorite GTP.

[21:26] How can we effectively innovate in training when we know it’s needed?

[28:07] Mandy thanks Jay for joining her this episode!

[29:05] Jay gives a quick background about himself and his organization, EduJay.

[31:24] Mandy wraps us this week’s episode by thanking listeners for tuning and giving a quick summary of today’s episode!


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