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Key Training Functionalities in Solabs QM 10 with Martha Bailey Alt. Title: Key Concepts Behind the Training Functionalities in Solabs QM 10 with Martha Bailey

- 16 July 2018

Today’s show is focused on discussing the key concepts behind the training functionalities in Solabs QM 10. Your host is Ericka Moore, Head of Client Success at Solabs, joined by co-host Philippe Gaudreau, CEO of Solabs.

This episode features Martha Bailey, Manager of Client Support. Martha has been with the company for seven years, occupying various roles. She is very passionate about helping users better understand Solabs QM 10 and has a deep knowledge on everything Solabs QM 10 has to offer.

Ericka and Martha discuss the main components of the training section; how training is organized, built, monitored, assigned, and reassigned.


Key Takeaways:

[:06] About today’s episode.

[1:51] The kinds of training activities that are available in Solabs QM 10.

[3:05] A useful, new feature: linking an online assessment.

[4:10] How training is organized in Solabs QM 10.

[4:29] How does recurrence work on training activities?

[6:19] What are the different completion requirements that can be selected when creating a training activity?

[8:24] All about training assignments and training profiles.

[9:59] About the ease of scheduling training activities in Solabs QM 10.

[10:38] How to navigate to the training status page and about the functionalities on it.

[14:14] A key function of Solabs QM 10: training reports and metrics.

[14:30] If you would like to learn more, visit: docs.solabs.com for guides that cover various training section topics. To get in contact with Ericka, email her at: Ericka.Podcast@Solabs.com.

[15:32] About next week’s episode and featured guest.


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