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Leveraging the Power of the Task Section Within Solabs QM 10 with Karen

- 27 August 2018

Today’s show is focused on leveraging the power of the task section within Solabs QM 10. Your host is Ericka Moore, Head of Client Success at Solabs, joined by co-host Philippe Gaudreau, CEO of Solabs.


Ericka’s guest this week is Karen, a Product Specialist at Solabs, who has been with the company for almost a year now. She’s a chemist with a NBA in Science and Engineering by trade. Before joining Solabs, she worked in various roles as a Quality Manager within the Pharmaceutical industry.


In this episode, Karen explains the main categories of tasks in Solabs QM 10; she provides examples of typical use cases of these categories; and further explains how you will be notified of tasks assigned to you, how those notifications work, and how you can manage them. Philippe also jumps into this episode to tell us all about what’s in store for the future of the task section in Solabs QM 10.


Key Takeaways:

[:23] About today’s episode.

[1:12] Ericka introduces their guest for this week, Karen.

[1:48] Karen explains the main categories of tasks are in Solabs QM 10.

[3:22] Karen provides examples of typical use cases of these three categories.

[5:55] As an end user, how would you be notified that you have a task assigned to you?

[7:16] Ericka explains how email notifications work for alerting you to tasks.

[9:28] Ground rules regarding email notifications.

[10:27] What happens if — as an assignee — you have a task assigned and you don’t understand it?

[12:13] Karen summarizes her earlier points on how to manage email notification preferences.

[12:52] How the audit trail works for the task functionality.

[14:28] Karen explains how accessing tasks are managed using privileges and roles.

[15:21] Karen walks us through the available fields and parameters that are defined when you’re creating and confirming a task.

[17:54] Ericka summarizes this week’s episode on the task section.

[19:26] Philippe tells us what’s in store for the Solabs roadmap for the task section.

[21:48] If you would like to learn more, visit: docs.solabs.com for guides that cover various training section topics. To get in contact with Ericka, email her at: Ericka.Podcast@Solabs.com.

[22:21] About next week’s episode.


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