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Optimizing Compliance When Implementing an Automated Training Solution with Jay Turner

- 8 July 2018

Welcome to the second episode of Automating Quality. In this episode, Mandy is joined by Jay Turner of EduJay LLC. Jay’s a self-proclaimed learning and development ninja at his latest entrepreneurial venture, EduJay! He has devoted his career to improving people, processes, and programs to produce business results — everything from implementing learning management systems, to designing staff development and leadership development programs, to providing executive coaching.


This episode, Jay talks to Mandy about how automated solutions can be effective in improving training and compliance, key considerations when introducing an automated solution, how deployment of a LMS solution makes training more engaging, how to enliven your compliance training, and how to foster a culture that is focused on learning.


Key Takeaways:

[:20] About today’s guest, Jay Turner.

[1:59] What automated solutions Jay has that have been effective in improving training, effectiveness, and compliance.

[10:40] Key considerations when introducing an automated solution (such as an LMS for training).

[19:38] Jay’s experience with optimizing compliance in regards to implementation of an automated training solution.

[25:53] How can deployment of a LMS solution make training more engaging? And how to enliven your compliance training.

[37:06] Wrapping up the episode with Mandy, how to contact Jay, and about next week’s episode.


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