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Philippe Gaudreau on the Pricing Model and Client Services Offering in Solabs QM

- 5 February 2019

Welcome to the first episode back in 2019! In this episode, Philippe Gaudreau, the CEO and founder of Solabs, will be Ericka’s guest as well as her co-host as they discuss the pricing model and client services offering in Solabs QM.


Often, companies speak a lot about what they offer in terms of products and services but pricing can often be a bit of a taboo topic. Solabs has developed a great pricing model that’s very interesting to discuss, so in this episode, Ericka and Philippe will be discussing the different components of the Solabs QM pricing offering and the services that come with the Solabs system. This will be a very helpful episode for any client considering Solabs QM!


Key Takeaways:

[:06] About today’s episode!

[3:17] Philippe explains the different components that are part of the Solabs QM offering.

[10:00] The model for the prices for various users in the system.

[15:08] How the pricing model works for a client that wants to add new users at any given time.

[16:48] About Solabs QM hosting offering.

[18:18] Does Philippe see a lot of clients going towards the hosted offering or does he see still a lot of on-premises installation?

[18:45] Does Philippe think that the turn-key implementation in Solabs QM contributes to more successful projects?

[21:50] Does Philippe consider Solabs to be more of a software company or a services company?