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Product Road Map with Gretchen Dixson and Martine Boire

- 16 July 2019

This week, Philippe Gaudreau, the CEO and founder of Solabs, is joined by Gretchen Dixson (Senior Product Specialist at Solabs) and Martine Boire (Head of Product and Quality Management). They will be discussing the product road map — covering potential new releases, upcoming changes, and enhancements within the Solabs QM 10 solution. Some of the items they will be taking a look at include: UI enhancements, the user experience in the doc control process, the training section, tree view, training activities and materials, training profiles, reporting, and permissions.


Tune in to hear all about Solabs’ roadmap for the next 24 months and the items on the top of their to-do list for changes and enhancements!


Key Takeaways:

[:30] About today’s episode and featured guests!

[3:09] The first item on Solabs to-do list: the control of documents.

[4:14] Gretchen gives her comments on the enhancement of this feature.

[5:01] Philippe highlights another item within the control of documents: the publication of documents and the control of copy.

[6:17] Gretchen gives her thoughts on what would be useful within these items.

[7:40] Philippe highlights another item within the control of documents: the archive of documents.

[8:26] Another item on Solabs’ to-do list: search and retrieval.

[9:20] Philippe speaks about an idea they have for the tree view.

[11:30] Gretchen and Martine elaborate on the helpfulness of the potential enhancement to the tree view.

[13:13] Philippe tackles potential upcoming changes in the training section.

[14:33] Gretchen gives her thoughts on these changes.

[15:10] Philippe speaks about two more small items they’re looking to enhance: searching for curriculum and activities, and better management of retraining on documents.

[16:20] Philippe speaks about more adding more future linkage to other training materials.

[17:44] Gretchen speaks about adding the ability to reschedule activities based on completion of the requisite.

[19:00] Martine speaks about the potential of having the possibility to automatically assign training activities to a user when each title is assigned to them.

[20:42] Martine speaks about another item they are considering adding for users, also with regards to training activities.

[21:35] Talking potential enhancements to setting up training profiles.

[23:02] Discussing the possibility of having some sort of yearly approval on training profiles.

[24:03] Philippe highlights some of the items of concern in the task section and how they might go about enhancing them.

[26:08] Gretchen gives her feedback on how she would find these changes helpful.

[27:07] Some possible changes with regards to the notion of permissions and rights in the application.

[29:09] Potential enhancements to reporting and long-term goals regarding it.

[30:41] Philippe speaks about some of the new areas Solabs would like client feedback on. Gretchen and Martine also give their thoughts!

[33:10] Philippe shares some info on QM maps in the pipeline.

[36:30] Gretchen and Martine give their feedback.

[37:25] Philippe wraps up this week’s episode.


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