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Service Level Agreement with Karine Loiselle

- 9 October 2019

This week Philippe Gaudreau, the CEO and founder of SOLABS, is joined by Karine Loiselle, a member of SOLABS’ Client Success Group. Karine is a Client Success Specialist and has been with SOLABS for 2 years now. Karine spends a good portion of her time in direct contact with SOLABS’ clients and she coordinates all of the work behind the scenes of their support.


In this episode, Philippe and Karine will discuss service level agreement. Karine provides an excellent overview of their service level agreement at SOLABS; diving into how the support team handles clients’ concerns and how they can follow-up on the requests they’ve made.


Tune in to get a thorough understanding of the support mechanisms, processes, and all the information you need to know as a client (or prospective client) about how the support team at SOLABS works to support their clients!


Key Takeaways:

[:36] Philippe gives an introduction to this week’s show and guest, Karine Loiselle.

[1:02] Philippe welcomes Karine on to the show.

[1:12] Karine explains the role of the support team at SOLABS and how they help clients.

[1:36] Karine goes into detail about the different levels of support offered by SOLABS.

[3:47] What is the clients’ role in the exchange with SOLABS’ support team? What information should they be providing to receive the best service possible?

[6:00] Karine explains the best way for clients to communicate with the support team.

[7:30] Karine details how SOLABS prioritizes issues and gives a timeline of the response time clients can expect when reporting an issue.

[8:48] Karine explains how a client can follow-up on (or keep track of) the status of their pending request.

[9:42] How to contact SOLABS support team as a client if you feel the status of your request was assigned the incorrect level of criticality.

[10:40] What kind of documentation can a client expect to receive on the issues they’ve reported to the support team at SOLABS?

[11:50] Philippe thanks Karine for joining the podcast!

[12:33] If you have any more questions about the podcast or the service level agreement, here’s how to get in touch with Philippe and Karine!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Philippe Gaudreau on LinkedIn

Karine Loiselle on LinkedIn


SOLABS’ Support Email: Support@SOLABS.com 

SOLABS’ Support #: 1-877-322-1368 Ext. 911