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Solabs QM SSRS Reports for Training

- 20 November 2018

Today’s episode is a bit of a special one! Typically, a guest expert from Solabs is featured — but on this episode, Ericka and Philippe will take you through today’s topic: SSRS reports for training.

With Solabs QM 10, clients have access to a sharepoint portal which contains two different types of reports: excel reports and SSRS reports. Today, Ericka will be focusing on the SSRS reports for training, featuring: the training compliance distribution report, employee training compliance report, training compliance by department report, employee training compliance history report, and more!

This episode will bring to light more information on the logic behind what is presented on all these nice graphical reports available through Solabs QM training functionality. Ericka gives examples, answers questions from Philippe, and gives an overview of each type of report— explaining how to use it and what it offers.


Key Takeaways:

[:27] About today’s episode with Ericka and Philippe.

[1:31] Ericka gives a general overview of the Solabs SSRS offering.

[4:40] About the training compliance distribution report: how to use it and what it offers.

[7:48] How to use the employee training compliance report and what it offers, as well as some examples.

[11:30] About the training compliance user distribution by range report.

[13:52] Ericka explains the training compliance by department report.

[17:22] Ericka gives an overview on the departmental training compliance per user report.

[19:15] All about the training compliance department status per user report.

[23:42] Ericka explains the employee training compliance history report.

[28:00] Ericka speaks about the usefulness of the job title training requirement report.

[31:34] Ericka wraps up this week’s episode!

[32:45] If you have questions or feedback for this week’s episode, you can email Ericka at Ericka.Podcast@Solabs.com, Solabs at Info@Solabs.com, and visit the doc portal at docs.solabs.com.


Mentioned in this Episode:

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)