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The Do’s and Dont’s of Change Management with Rachel Fountain

- 20 August 2018

Welcome to the fifth episode of Automating Quality. Today’s topic is change management — picking up the conversation from their first episode on the topic. Mandy is joined by her co-host, Philippe Gaudreau, CEO of Solabs — and together, they welcome back their guest this week, Rachel Fountain.


Rachel is currently a Principal Consultant, working in the software industry with a focus on quality and risk management. She has amassed 14 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry as a quality expert — implementing change management systems and helping companies move from one automated system to another.


This episode, Mandy and Rachel take their conversation from the first about of AQ and take it one step further by discussing the do’s and don’ts of changement from a post-implementation automated solutions lense.


Key Takeaways:

[:33] About today’s return guest, Rachel Fountain.

[1:24] Rachel and Mandy give a refresher on episode one’s discussion on change management.

[2:19] The do’s and don’ts when it comes to dedicating resources to the change management process.

[5:02] The do’s and don’ts around writing an effective change plan.

[8:00] How Rachel thinks training should be integrated into change controls.

[12:06] The do’s and don’ts around managing metrics.

[16:27] Rachel’s closing comment for listeners.

[16:51] How to contact Mandy, where to find Rachel online, and about next week’s episode.


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