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The Responsibilities of System Owners in SOLABS QM 10

- 14 May 2019

This week, Philippe Gaudreau, the CEO and founder of Solabs, will be your solo host! Today he will be discussing the responsibilities of system owners — a topic he is very passionate about! He feels that with the appropriate controls in place, system owners will be able to ensure that their Solabs QM 10 solution remains in good health throughout its life cycle in their organization.


Today, he reviews five major items he feels should be included in a system ownership procedure for the administration, support and maintenance of QM 10, including: 1- administration and control procedures, 2- system configurations, 3- roles and privileges, 4- managing system access and user management, and 5- validation, monitoring and controls. Tune in to get today’s key insights!


Key Takeaways:

[:33] About today’s episode: the responsibilities of system owners.

[:51] Philippe explains what a system owner is and what they’re in charge of.

[3:09] Philippe provides his insights on the controls around the maintenance and support of an organization’s QM 10 solution — highlighting what system owners are trying to achieve with administration and control procedures.

[7:30] Philippe discusses system configurations within QM 10.

[10:18] Philippe discusses roles and privileges within the application.

[12:20] How to manage system access and user management.

[15:20] Philippe covers validation, monitoring and controls.

[17:58] Philippe wraps up this week’s episode!

[18:31] If you have questions or suggestions you can get a hold of Philippe on LinkedIn!


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