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Tips, Tricks, and Tools of the SOLABS QM User Interface with Gretchen Dixson

- 22 October 2018

In today’s show, the founder and CEO of Solabs, Philippe Gaudreau, presents different tips and tricks of the Solabs QM User Interface and cover the different sections of the application. He’s joined by return guest, Gretchen Dixson, Solabs Senior Product Specialist.


Gretchen has been with the company for a little over 2 years now. Her main role is to be a head trainer, which includes: building training material and delivering training sessions for upcoming and current clients. She’s also actively involved in the sales and marketing team by building and maintaining meaningful demo environments and providing product demonstrations.


This episode, Gretchen and Philippe explain some incredibly useful tips and items of interest within Solabs QM such as: different ways to use the search feature, how to best utilize the document section when creating or revising a document, the benefits of the compare file feature, helpful tips for users within the training section (for both trainees and managers), and even more beneficial tips on how to best use the process section.


Key Takeaways:

[:22] About today’s episode.

[:45] About today’s guest, joining Philippe this episode.

[2:00] Philippe welcomes back Gretchen to the podcast.

[2:15] Some of the useful items of interest when a user first logs into Solabs QM.

[5:39] About the search feature and the different ways you can search.

[7:54] Tips and tricks for using the document section when creating or revising a document.

[10:10] Other tips on what you can do from the treeview (within the doc section).

[11:35] Gretchen explains the benefits of the compare file feature (within the doc section).

[13:28] Tips and tricks for users within the training section for both trainees and managers.

[18:10] Philippe explains a new ability for sorting that was added in the 10.6 release.

[18:56] Gretchen talks about some of the tips and tricks within the process section.

[24:44] If you want to learn more about Solabs QM, you can visit docs.solabs.com and get in touch with Ericka, the usual host, at Ericka.Podcast@Solabs.com.


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