Pricing Model

SOLABS QM is sold using a subscription-based user model, meaning you pay a yearly fee based on your number of users. We do not charge an upfront licensing fee. SOLABS will support your system with the same attention to detail, whether it is installed on-premises or in the Cloud at one of our datacenters.

Our yearly subscription fee is based on a “Named User” model with 2 categories of users:

Standard Users

These users have access to all areas of the application. Depending on the privileges granted to the user, they can perform all actions in the system.

Train ID users

These users have restricted access to the application. They can simply view documents for which they are granted privileges, and record training activities for which they are assigned.

The number of users is reviewed annually, and the subscription fee is adjusted accordingly for the upcoming year.

Cost per user is reduced proportionally as more users are added to the system.

SOLABS QMS Pricing Model

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Cloud vs On-Premises Installations

Cloud Hosting

A non-recurring setup fee is charged for the Cloud hosting.


The client is responsible for the infrastructure requirements and maintenance of the hardware and infrastructure software.

Our pricing model allows clients to extend the use of SOLABS QM within their organization, while maintaining a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).