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SOLABS QM Infrastructure Requirements.pdf

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This document presents SOLABS QM system architecture. It also provides the Hardware and Infrastructure Software requirements for SOLABS QM to operate according to SOLABS quality standards and performance expectations.

Uploaded: 2014-05-14

Iron Mountain Data Center – Case Study.pdf

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After evaluating several colocation providers, SOLABS selected Iron Mountain based on a proven track record of protecting customer information in secure and
compliant facilities. This document discusses how SOLABS meets its requirements for a SaaS solution with Iron Mountain’s highly secure data center colocation.

Uploaded: 2014-02-24

From Paper-based operations to


Video discussing the implications of transferring to an EQMS: facts on the cost of managing paper-based operations, comparison with online banking, case study, ROI & key benefits.

Uploaded: 2013-12-13

SOLABS QM and Microsoft SharePoint 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.pdf

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Implementation of MS SharePoint provides company-wide functionalities for general document management and workflow. The use of SOLABS QM provides GxP
required functions for 21CFR Part 11 compliance made easy, e.g. e-signatures, audit trails, etc. Official records produced in SOLABS QM are published
in SharePoint to all users.

Uploaded: 2013-03-01

21 CFR Part 11 Assessment for SOLABS QM.pdf

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Review of all Title 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, interpretations, who owns the responsibility (client, SOLABS or both) for each requirement and relevant features/procedures when applicable

Uploaded: 2009-09-21

SOLABS QM The Green Machine.pdf

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The Implementation of SOLABS QM provides a cost
effective solution to go green. Produce electronic official records in SOLABS QM as easily as when dealing with paper.

Uploaded: 2011-06-30