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SOLABS Launches Tree Planting Campaign

SOLABS Community - 28 August 2017

In 2010, I wrote an article called, SOLABS QM, The Green Machine:

The Implementation of SOLABS QM provides a cost effective solution to go green.

Produce electronic official records in SOLABS QM as easily as when dealing with paper!

I wrote this piece when people were still debating whether a quality system should remain paper-based or not. In 2017, apart from a few paper ‘loyalists’, the revolution has more or less taken place.

Almost anyone that still has a paper-based system within a GxP environment is looking to automate in the near future, and anyone who implemented a first-generation hybrid system is aiming to upgrade to a fully automated system. There are many ways to do this but no matter how, companies are automating.

This month we are excited to be releasing SOLABS QM 10.5 and with it, we feel that our ‘machine’ is greener than ever. Our system is replacing paper every day at companies across North America.

To celebrate the release of SOLABS QM 10.5, we’ve launched the SOLABS Tree Campaign. We’ll be making monthly donations to One Tree Planted until a tree has been planted for every active SOLABS QM user.

In addition, every time we add a new SOLABS QM user, or we meet someone that is a good fit to become a user, we’ll send them a letter notifying them that we’ve planted a tree for them.

For more information please visit our Tree Planting Campaign page.

About the Author
As CEO of SOLABS, and almost 18 years after co-founding the company, Philippe Gaudreau continues to grow an avid interest in quality management and compliance practices in the Life Sciences. He is passionate about finding best in class solutions, with the goal of helping our Life Sciences clients automate their quality operations without losing the flexibility they have with their manual systems. He offers his expertise through his devotion to software development, his deep knowledge of business process management and optimization, and his expertise in document life cycle management.

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