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To Never Forget Where We Came From

EQMS - 21 March 2013

It all started there in 2005 with our first “real” sale of SOLABS QM version 2.5, formerly known as Alibaba… engineers and names…

That morning, employees at this GMP plant woke up to release 2.8 of SOLABS QM, our EQMS software. This version is faster with a highly improved backend infrastructure. Since this release our support desk’s red phone has been pretty quiet!

Our series of upgrades for all clients is completed: Everyone is now using our 5th major release, SOLABS QM 2.8.

Release 2.8 has allowed us to:

  • Develop a strong client base, with 100% renewal rate;
  • Achieve a 100% success ratio in software implementation;
  • Demonstrate that our single fully integrated eQMS approach works:
    Management of training and document control electronically within a GxP environment can be done “easily” with a system built for this purpose;
    Quality processes can be managed with much more control and visibility when automated properly.
  • Integrate SOLABS QM with other enterprise software;
  • Build a strong infrastructure that can support large volumes of data;
  • Develop a professional and consistent approach in Support and Maintenance activities.

We will never forget where we came from. SOLABS QM 10.0 would not be possible, without all the work and efforts devoted over the last 10 years.

This spring, SOLABS QM 10.0 will be taking the spotlight in our product demonstrations. We are very excited by this and truly believe that people will love it! The best comment we can ever get from future clients is: “Hum, yes this is how we work; the software is simply automating what we’re already doing”. That’s because our goal isn’t to change the way people work, it’s to simplify their work by enforcing compliance and reducing the non-value added steps (finding, searching, tracking, not forgetting, reminding…, etc.). With SOLABS QM 10.0, we’re confident we will get many of those reactions.

A million thanks to all of our clients for the continued support and to our entire team for the hard work!

Philippe Gaudreau, CEO & Ericka Moore, Director of Marketing